Welcome to My Blog. Please, Stay a While!

“Blogging”… *sigh.  It’s something I’ve always thought about doing, something I tried once, and something I’ve finally decided to make the time for.  Several people over the past few years have encouraged me to start a blog, my aunt Janet being the first to plant the seed.  I asked her what I would write about.  She said I could write about anything, but that I should use my gifts and passions for writing in a more public format.  I thought about it, and kept thinking about it each time someone else would encourage me to write.  My thoughts stayed just that; they were only seeds of thoughts for years.

I taught Writing to elementary and high school students, and I told them countless times that they all have the gift of writing, and that they should share that gift with the world.  I encouraged and helped each of them to publish their writings in school books, and there I was, too afraid/lazy/(insert excuse here) to publish any of my own writing.  The unintentional, well-meaning hypocrisy ends now!

The phenomenon of “blogging” has been popular for quite some time, and I find many blogs to be extremely interesting and helpful.  I enjoy learning and discovering, and connecting with the experiences that other people have been willing to write, and share.  Blogs have taught me, inspired me, encouraged me, opened my mind to new possibilities, and have simply helped me make practical choices.  Writers have asked me to see a topic from a perspective that I may not have considered on my own.

One of my favorite quotes about writing is by Toni Morrison.  She said, “if there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  This is clearly not a book, but you get the idea.  I recently took a trip to the Burgundy (Borgogne) Wine Region in France, and through hours of research in preparation for that trip, I discovered that there really isn’t enough information out there.  I can write it; I can be one of the people to write what I learned, to help others plan their trips.

Am I scared to start a blog?  Sure.  Am I nervous that nobody will read it?  Yes; even if they don’t, does that mean I shouldn’t write it?  Am I concerned that perhaps someone will disagree with me, and post critical or negative comments?  In all likelihood, if I keep up with this, someone eventually will.  People disagree every day.  Disrespectful comments aren’t desired, but is disagreement itself necessarily a bad thing?  Might it push me to re-evaluate my own opinions and make sure I’m being true to myself?  Do I feel timid, like my words can’t possibly matter to anyone else?  Perhaps I do.  Maybe they won’t matter to anyone but me, or maybe, just maybe – something I write can help someone else.

I used to never take risks.  I didn’t do anything unless it was pre-meditated at great length, and the pro’s and con’s were written out and weighed against each other.  I’ve changed a lot.  I like to call that person “Past Chelsea.”  Well, Past Chelsea wouldn’t have put out a blog, no matter how many people told her she should (and she didn’t)!  I’ve done a lot riskier of things now than write a blog.

I hope to blog about a variety of topics that are in my “shopping cart of life,” as my Mother-in-law would say.  These are the collection of experiences that I’ve had along the way, that have shaped me into who I am now.  Past Chelsea is in the past, and here I am.  Here it is!  Thanks for reading, and coming along on the journey with me.

Maybe there’s something you have always wanted to do, that you didn’t think you could, or should.  Why not try it?  Another mantra I have adopted recently is this:  You don’t regret the things you do as much as the things you don’t do.  You can do it, whatever it is, if you decide to make it happen.  I wish you luck in your adventures and risks, big or small, whatever they may be.  Be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog. Please, Stay a While!

  1. Yes, you do have a way with words – so beautiful to read. You touched my heart by mentioning my name – it’s the “little” things often that make the difference and I’m learning how important our words are. Blessings on this journey.


  2. Go for it, thanks for following us, and … we visit Burgundy every year mostly around Beaune and today just got back from Chablis! Look forward to your Burgundy posts


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