About Me

Hi, and thanks for visiting.

I’m Chelsea, and among passions for wine, travel and chocolate, sits a love of writing.

I have my Bachelor of Education, and taught in Canada for several years before I had the incredible realization through a 5-year daily journal that my life was standard and predictable, and that just wouldn’t do. I became TEFL certified, and was top of my class, with the intention of moving abroad.

I am extremely passionate about wine, so much so that I was willing to leave the life I’d built in Canada to move to New Zealand with nothing but a few suitcases, and a dream to work in the wine industry (and my partner). I am certified in Wine Spirits Education Trust Level 2 with distinction, and have been blessed to learn about wine through tastings and winery tours in some amazing wine regions.

I am married to a jack-of-all-trades welder, roofer, home inspector and construction worker turned Cellarhand / Vineyard hand / rookie Winemaker, who rides motorcycles, brews beer, and who fortunately for me, is also passionate enough about wine that he wanted to move abroad and work in the industry just as much as I did.

We love God, and believe He is the author of our story who loves and cares for us.

I was a fitness instructor in Canada, and still love being active; I am trained in teaching group fitness and fitness theory, and have experience with amateaur body-building, but in New Zealand I’ve gotten more into running; when there’s an ocean to run beside, it’s suddenly more fun.

I enjoy reading, music, singing, piano, learning new things, rv-ing and exploring the world through travel. I am interested in fashion, high heels, quality food, and fine dining, yet I absolutely hate to cook, and I have obvious obsessions with chocolate and peanut butter.

I’m excited to share conversations about life and wine with you.